SPRING HAS SPRUNG and so have our "grown-up" classes..

So its official spring has sprung and embracing the idea that experiences bring happinessnot material things… (apparently its a thing this year) We are launching our GROWN-UP CLASSES!
Our first class will be a 2-hour printmaking class. Saturday 16th April 4-6pm.The workshop will be a Linocut class, a simple form of printmaking which, once you know the tools and the skills, can be taken home and experimented with. And we will provide the tools to keep!We have found the gorgeous work by Menna Jenkins to inspire us to making our own letter blocks. So let me know in advance the 2 letters you want to make. …And to oil your creative cogs “Unwined” are providing a delicious glass of vino. In their wonderful engaging style they are going to tie in the wine with our class experience, so it may be the weather on the day or a wine that starts with the letter  we are printing….   To Book a class click here and for further inspiration check out this amazing blog buy linocut boy. As Aristotle said, ‘men fancy that external goods are the cause of happiness [but] leisure of itself gives pleasure and happiness and enjoyment in life.’   While we are here we would like to celebrate our young artists from our Thursday and Saturday morning classes, by showing a selection of their amazing work. It has been great fun getting to know them all and we are always so impressed by the way they embrace whatever we throw at them and make it their own.           

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