Inspired by Eric Carle

This is a really simple class but has a bit of everything in it to keep the kids interested and produces such stunning results!The class starts by creating some textured tissue paper as per Eric Carle’s website.For this class I chose a fruit still life which instantly makes you think of the hungry catapillar. So with the watermelon, pears, apples in front of them I got the children to have a look at all the colours in the fruit. (I chose particulary stripy apples and textured pears)Starting with the lightest colour first, I got them to build up the layers of colour and texture while really examining the fruit. So great for observation and colour mixing!We created texture with different types of brushes and sponges.These pictures above are straight from Eric Carle’s website.The next step was to get the children to draw directly from the still life   Using tracing paper they traced each fruit they had drawn, then then cut out the shape from the textured paper they had already created. The final stage: arranging their carefully cut out textured paper into the final piece. The drawing wereso lovely instead of sticking over the top we created new pieces of artwork:       

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